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Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morgan MA CCC helps her readers, clients, and audiences lighten their load, brighten their outlook, and strengthen their resilience. To go from woe to WOW call 403.830.6919 or email a request. If you enjoyed or benefited from this blog, please leave a Comment below and subscribe to my eNewsletterYour Uplift


  1. Kathleen Fras
    May 18, 2021 @ 12:16 am

    Referring to page 25 scarcity, reminds me of my favorite book when I was a child. Laura Ingall’s mom would never wake up in the morning and ask herself, “Am I good enough, perfect enough, powerful enough, successful enough, smart enough, certain enough or extraordinary enough?” She would get up in the morning, do what she needed to do with what she had to do it with, in the time that it needed to be done, along with her children helping, while teaching them the entire time. Yes a lot has changed.


    • Patricia Morgan
      May 18, 2021 @ 1:17 pm

      Hi Kathleen,

      What a wonderful sharing you have done here. I feel gifted. Thank you. I too enjoyed Laura Ingal’s work of Little House in the Prairie. What delightful books and TV series. I appreciated the innocence, yet authenticity of farm life. I was a farm girl. You wrote an excellent list of not enough-ness. They fill the pain with what we sometimes call in psychology, stinkin’ thinkin’. They do not serve us. Keep on staying mentally healthy!


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