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Programs can be customized to fit your group’s needs. Just ask!

The presentations described on this page are the most popular keynotes for strengthening everyday resilience at work and home. Keynotes are typically between 30 and 75 minutes.

Watch my 2.30 minute speaker reel for an overview of my message, which is to lighten your load and brighten your outlook.

The Rubber Band Principle:
Three Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience

Rubber Band Principle uses rubber bands to give insight into emotional resliienceToo often we say, “It’s too hard.” You can increase your bounce-ability and capacity to recover from change, mistakes, setbacks and stress at work and home. The Rubber Band Principle encourages you to Do Your Best (LEARN) Let Go the Rest and will help you easily improve your physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.
Three Easy Ways to Strengthen Resilience:
1. Listen to your body. It does not lie.
2. Edit your thoughts and talk.
3. Take your yourself lightly.

Audience members will take away:
  1. Thirty-Second Quickies to better care for their body—increasing health, vitality and productivity.
  2. Thought and talk edits for increased workplace and life satisfaction.
  3. A lighter load and brighter outlook increasing their ability to focus on the important matters at work and home.

“Patricia has a light-hearted and memorable approach to strengthening resilience.”
Ellen Coe, Occupational Health Nurse, Petro Canada

“We appreciated the light-heartedness yet deep message Patricia presents. . . Our participants left with a smile, feeling positive and revitalized.”
Dr. Anita Mitzner, Education Consultant, Alberta Health Services

“She brought tears to the eyes of some participants through her honest approach, and she made us all laugh. She has a very comfortable presence that we all enjoyed.”
Heath Miller, CEO, Bethany Care Centres

Understanding Loneliness:
What to Do for Yourself and Others

Most of us feel lonely some of the time and others chronically feel lonely. In 2018 the World Health Organization announced that loneliness was a global mental health issue. Researcher, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, concluded that loneliness doubles the odds for increased mortality, obesity, and physical illness. Then on October 14, 2020, the Angus Reed Institute reported that Canadians indicating they have a good social life has dropped from 55 percent in 2019 to 33 percent! COVID-19 restrictions and constraints add to the problem.  

The good news is, once we name a problem, it is half solved. Join us to explore how to meaningfully relate to ourselves, our loved ones, and those who would benefit from an uplifting connection.

Audience members will take away:
  1. Clarity about the difference between isolation, being alone, and feeling lonely.
  2. Information about what current research tells us about how to maintain our mental wellness.
  3. Inspiration to take action to take better care of our capacity to connect.
  4. Five ways to to show others we are available with a caring ear and a helping hand.

“We were very impressed with Patricia’s caring, uplifting, warm, and fun presentation that gave each of us many options of dealing with being alone and finding our strengths in the midst of that. The feedback included insightful, informative, engaging, and inspiring.”

Jacquelyn Poetker, Chair, Education Committee, Calgary C.A.R.P. Chapter

Get Over Getting Older:
5 Key Tips on Resilient Aging

“Being a Spunky Senior means ‘Givin’ it every day. Keep taking on challenges and doing your best!’”  Vera Goodman, 84 years old

As many of our wise parents used to say, “Aging ain’t for sissies!” Research into aging well recommends alternatives to rusting out. Treat your folks to an informative and upbeat experience. We will explore how to continue to live vibrantly while accepting that getting older is inevitable. Be prepared for reality, possibilities, and some cornball fun!

Audience members will be reminded to:
  1. Care for Your Vintage Body. You’ll happily live longer.
  2. Keep Your Mind Active. Your neurons will stay active and connected.
  3. Hang out with Younger & Older. You’ll avoid risky social isolation.
  4. Feel Gratitude! Your days will be filled with blessings.
  5. Lighten UP! You will see your health improve. Smile, laugh, and skip, if you can!

Note: The longer program (45 min+) includes a fun Name that 50/60s TV Show Quiz

“Everyone thought Patricia was very inspiring. They loved her enthusiasm . . . as well as the humor and exercises she added.”
Kara Spady, Flagstaff County Active Living for Seniors Conference

For Women Only

Wondrous Western Women:
Celebrating the Resilient Feminine

Women have stepped out of their girdles and done much. Discover how as a Canadian woman you are among such leaders as Nellie McClung and the Famous5. Be inspired to speak up, know your worth and lead your family and community.

Audience members will take away:
  1. Some startling facts about life for our women pioneers.
  2. Encouragement and inspiration to demonstrate care, courage, and tenacity.
  3. Ways to demonstrate determination, assertiveness, and leadership.
  4. An attitude of celebreation about being a Wondrous Western Woman.

Click here to view more information about Wondrous Western Women.

“Many of our women had a life changing experience.”
Cath Thorlakson, Women Matter Conference, Barrhead

She Said It:
Celebrating the Words and Stories of Resilient Women

When women dare to speak from their experience, they share insight and delight. Based on the book, She Said: a Tapestry of Women’s Quotes,we will explore events from the kitchen sink to acts of courage to deepening our wisdom. Come ready to smile, nod and be reminded of the important words you have to say. Note: This presentation is popular at lunch and dinner events.

Audience members  will take away:
  1. Wit and wisdom inspired by quotations from some the world’s most infamous women.
  2. Appreciation of their valuable experience and knowledge.
  3. Increased confidence their inherit and  personal wisdom.
  4. Insight and laughter to share with women friends.

“The evaluations indicate that your message truly was empowering. You touched a lot of women with your sincere, open, honest and humorous presentation.”
Diane Scheibner, Empowering Women Conference

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