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Patricia’s Style of Women’s Motivational Speaker

“In category after category, women are instigators-in-chief of most consumer purchases.” Tom Peters. Women are increasingly clueing into the fact they have influence, money, and moxy.

Who organizes professional development meetings and wellness conferences? And who buys self-improvement books? Women! That’s who! Women have moved from fighting as The Famous 5 did for women’s basic rights to vote and have “person” status to fighting for inclusive, healthy and family friendly work places. Women’s work isn’t done.

With a background as a women’s empowerment facilitator, Patricia is in high demand as a Women’s Motivational Speaker. For her latest book, Woe to WOW: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work, Patricia interviewed spunky women to discover how they cope and thrive in the face of work and home challenge.  Her message, research and books speak women’s language and address their concerns. Other books by Patricia include:

Meeting planners and audiences describe how Patricia’s message resonates with women best:

“We laughed. We learned. We walked away with useful tools to better take care of ourselves. Patricia pressure proofed the women of Ipswich.”
Joni Birch, Women’s Forum, Australia

“Comments from participants included ‘You’ve changed the way I look at life,’ and ‘I will try to focus more on the positives from now on.’  The audience really loved your use of humour together with your down to earth way of presenting.”
Kim Bridgland, West Moreton Women’s Health, Australia

“Patricia primed our participants giggle reflex and had them laughing till their sides ached. At the same time she touched their hearts. She has the unique ability to entertain and educate. Patricia has presented at several of our events in various locations over the years.  She is a valuable addition to our program.”
Helene Oseen, founder, The Pajama Party

“Participants leave Patricia’s presentations not only feeling light hearted but with tools to speak up, care for their health and better value themselves.”
Tammy Nelson, Women’s Health Resources

“Awesome job Patricia! Thank you! Vegreville will never be the same.”
M. Ann Schuler, Vegreville Women and Wellness Conference

“She captivated the audience with her humor and personal stories and her delivery was jam-packed with both wisdom and witticisms.”
Jackie Maxwell, Hanna and District Women’s Conference

“I learned and will put into action joy, relaxing and taking care of myself.  Patricia is inspiring, entertaining and informative.”
Lynda Dobbin-Turner, Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference

“Patricia Morgan entertains and delights while offering valuable tips for dealing with many subjects important to today’s woman. Her lighthearted approach is well-received by all, and we thoroughly enjoyed her presentations.”
Leona Klein, founder, Women @ Work, Prince George

“I would certainly recommend (Patricia) for any presentations that deal with humor and compassion. “
Trudy Kliciak, The Grace Women’s Health Conference

“Sunny Side Up was a huge hit, very uplifting and lighthearted.  The interactive “dollies” simply had everyone springing to life, overflowing with smiles and warm laughter!”
Karen Mccullough, Ponoka Women’s Getaway