Your resource for personal and workplace resilience.  Patricia lightens your load and brightens your outlook!


Distressed to stress hardy
Misunderstandings to supportive relationships
Discouraged to encouraged
Overwhelmed to coping
woe to WOW!


We laughed. We learned. We walked away with easy and useful tools to pressure proof ourselves. 

Joni Birch
Counsellor, Relationships Austria

Patricia is well known for leading dynamic workshops. She is also known for empowering emerging speakers to craft effective keynotes, workshops or training. Don’t miss out!

Freddi Dogterom
Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Corporate Trainer

Patricia has a way of taking the negative and turning it upside down.

Lance Blade
Area Captain, TOPS Clubs

You were by far the most well-received speaker. Your free-flowing style and upbeat humor brought cheer and invigoration to all of us. 

Debbie Wiebe
Next Step Conference organizing committee

I can not believe out of this tiny woman comes such a huge voice and so much empathy.  I would find it hard to believe if anyone walked away from this meeting not learning something.

Tracy T.A. Heslop
Office of the Vice President & Controller, Husky Energy Inc.

She is professional and energetic. Patricia engages: physically, emotionally and cognitively. Audience members provided strong feedback, noting she was, ‘funny’, ‘wonderful’, ‘entertaining, ‘to the point’, and ‘a brilliant speaker who captivated her audience’.  

Pat Worthington
Director, Human Resources, Rocky School Division

She was inspirational, motivational,and knowledgeable…Patricia has the ability to make people believe in themselves. Nurses told us to bring her back for another conference.

Petra Cooke
Nursing Practice Leader, Hamilton Health Sciences

 Your energy and enthusiasm were outstanding. You have touched each of us in a very special way—sharing yourself and your struggles. I have seen positive changes in many of the individuals who were in attendance. 

Doris Gudz
Gerontology Conference Organizer

Patricia  offers a delicious combination of relationship insight, brilliant humour, and practical how-to tips with a delivery style that makes you just want to listen and listen.

 Brian Lee, CSP
President, Custom Learning Systems

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Audiences describe my keynotes as “meaningfully fun, surprisingly insightful and delightfully uplifting.”

“I will put into action: say no, focus on my strengths, and know that I can’t control others. Patricia is an excellent speaker and kept the session fun and light.” Diane Cadarette, RBC Royal Bank  


Participants leave these popular workshops (conference breakouts) with tools to minimize their stress and overwhelm while increasing their ability to flourish at work and home.

“We laughed. We learned. We walked away with useful tools to better take care of ourselves. Patricia pressure proofed the women of Ipswich.” Joni Birch, Relationships Australia


Speak poorly and word will spread. Speak well and word will spread. Receive personalized guidance to deliver a relevant, memorable, and impactful message.

“We now deliver a clear and simpler message. We both appreciated your time, feedback and focus on helping us improve our content and delivery.” Duncan Robertson, Turnstone Strategy


“Whenever we feel stressed out, that’s a signal that our brain is pumping out stress hormones. If sustained over months and years, those hormones can ruin our health and make us a nervous
wreck.” – Daniel Goleman.

Stress! Stress! Stressed out! When was the last time you felt stretched to the max mentally, emotionally and physically?

Here’s your chance to get a handle on your stress, overwhelm, demands, and worry.

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