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Patricia’s Style of Humorous Speaker

Cheerfulness, a trait that makes people respond more readily to humor, is linked to emotional resilience—the ability to keep a level head in difficult circumstances—and to close relationships.” Steve Ayan in Scientific America, April 2009

If your people snooze through a session you lose your investment of time and money. A humorous speaker brings a number of advantages to you and your event. Here are some findings from research about the benefits of healthy humor and how it is linked to audience satisfaction:


  • helps attract, maintain and refocus an audience’s attention.
  • creates a sense of audience participation.  They move when laughing.
  • helps those in the audience to relax.
  • improves listeners’ alertness, memory and retention.
  • provides comic relief to many dry and serious subjects.
  • assists the audience to rise above their problems by offering a different and often creative perspective.
  • adds a sense of play, fun, and creativity.
  • opens people up to optimism and possibilities.
  • makes discovery, awareness, learning enjoyable.

As a Motivational Speaker, Patricia and her woe to WOW presentations have been described as upbeat, insightful and fun.  Don’t expect stand up comedy but do expect a brighter and lighter side of work and life.  Meeting planners and audiences describe Patricia’s upbeat style best:

“Patricia has shown us all how to bounce back from life’s trials with humor and resilience.”
Ron Sheppard, Parkland Regional Library

“The audience really loved your use of humor together with your down to earth way of presenting.”
Kim Bridgland, West Moreton Women’s Health, Australia

“Patricia is an exciting, warm and energizing speaker who showed us all how to inject humor into the day to day work of caring for marginalized children and young people.”
Peter Melrose, PeakCare Qld Australia

“Best of all her humor makes her presentations energizing, fun and thought provoking.”
Linda Edgecombe, CSP, life perspective specialist and professional speaker

“We appreciated her humor, personal stories and easy going approach.”
Lori Rehill, Executive Director, Victim Assistance Society

We all need to be reminded to take care of ourselves and not take ourselves to seriously and Patricia does it in a humorous and enchanting way.”
Kathleen Kellner, International Special Event Society

Her humorous reminders of how to be resilient are part of my new goals for daily living.”
Jane Chapman, Red Deer Catholic School District

“You touched a lot of women with your sincere, open, honest and humorous presentation.”
Diane Scheibner, Empowering Women Conference

“Many valued your humor as well as knowledge of workplace situations.”
Val Tucker, Powerhouse Community Learning

“Your humor, fun, and creative touches, kept everyone captivated and wanting more.” 
Michelle Tamashiro, Alberta Family Child Care Association

“You are a fun, entertaining, thought provoking, and conference enhancing speaker.”
Patricia Fripp, Past President, National Speakers Association