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Patricia’s Style of Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers are hired to set the tone or give the overriding reason of “why we are here” for an event. Some are hired for their valuable content and others for their personality, which captures audience attention. Most motivational speakers have credibility, experience, and expertise in their topic. They may share their hero’s journey or how they lost a second-person’s worth of weight or climbed Mount Everest or made a billion dollars . . . usually legally.

Their fees vary from five hundred dollars for beginners to tens of thousands of dollars. It depends on their media presence, notoriety or popularity. Think Bill Clinton.

Motivational keynotes may include how-to’s, facts, statistics, research, and educational information. The most successful Keynote Speakers include stories and humor.  They might even include props or singing. Think edu-tainment. The best motivational speakers engage, uplift, educate, and inspire their audiences to do and be their best.

Many event planners may Google Motivational Speaker when perhaps what they really want is an Inspirational Speaker or a combination of these two. Typically motivation means to arouse to take action while inspiration means to enliven a deeper understanding of one’s self or to stir up a growth experience. Patricia and her woe to WOW presentations provide inspiration. Meeting planners and audiences describe Patricia’s ability to inspire best:

“Patricia is inspirational.”
Marie Sopko, Manger, Nexen Inc.

“Parents are inspired and motivated by Patricia’s generosity of spirit, genuineness of presentation, and humorous honesty.”
Christine Ayling, Regional Learning Consortium

“We had Patricia as the opening speaker at our conference and she made us see the Sunny Side Up! Thanks for all your inspirations.”
Peggy Bertuzzi, Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technician

Patricia inspired me to re-examine my awareness of here and now.”
Jane Chapman, Red Deer Catholic School District

“Patricia is inspiring, entertaining and informative.
Lynda Dobbin-Turner, Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference

“I am always inspired when I hear Patricia speak.”
Linda Edgecombe, CSP, Life perspective specialist and professional speaker

Patricia is inspiring and uplifting.”
Janie Christensen, Occupational Health Nurse

“Patricia was not only light-hearted and dynamic, but informative and inspiring. She taught me to look at the lighter side of life, to relax and to enjoy! I was able to utilize some of her strategies immediately to make positive changes to my life.”
Susan Beierling, University of Calgary