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Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morgan MA CCC helps her readers, clients, and audiences lighten their load, brighten their outlook, and strengthen their resilience. To go from woe to WOW call 403.830.6919 or email a request. If you enjoyed or benefited from this blog, please leave a Comment below and subscribe to my eNewsletterYour Uplift


  1. Debbie
    February 28, 2018 @ 5:47 am

    Hi! Thank you; I found your words hopeful and helpful.

    I was recently broken-hearted. I was in a relationship, and as a deaf person, possibly confused and using compulsive behavior with the love of my life. At first, communication between a deaf person and a hearing person, you know there’s differences. But whenever there’s a disagreement there seems to be misunderstandings. I am learning about my emotions, and celebrate recovery from co-dependence. I have discovered my anxiety.

    I did invite my boyfriend to get help for his anger as well but I cant control him. It is true. Somewhere in our childhood are wounded hurts. He has moved on. I am trying to reach out to him in person so we can clear up misunderstandings rather than walk away from the possibilities in hope with seeking counselor. How can I write him a note or letter expressing my heart-felt desire for a peaceful relationship?

    Hand Sign, Debbie Heart


    • Patricia Morgan
      March 2, 2018 @ 2:03 am

      Well Debbie,

      Thank you, for leaving your message and question. You, did indeed, pour your heart out.

      That is sad that your relationship did not work out. The gift is, you are beginning to notice your feelings and you write that you are recovering from co-dependence. Good on you.

      Yet, you also wrote “He has moved on.” If he has moved on, he has moved on. That now leaves you to ‘move on’. A wise person once told me “Where there is a will, there is a way. In relationships it takes two wills to make the way.” It is important for you to read that line you wrote again–he has moved on.

      You do have possibilities; but not with him! Go to counselling yourself. Learn from the misunderstandings. Get comfortable focusing on you. Create goals for yourself. Find some fun and laughter. That is the work of getting over what you call ‘co-dependent’.

      To answer your question about “How can I write him a note or letter expressing my heart-felt desire for a peaceful relationship?’ You can write a message but you don’t have the power to create a ‘relationship’. Remember, he has moved on. He is not interested in a relationship with you. I bet that is difficult to read. I want you to know you are valuable, lovable and resilient. You can pick yourself up, arrange for a good listening ear (some good counselling), and get on with your life. That is what you deserve. Stop longing for someone who is not available. Then one day as you are smiling and enjoying life, another better-fit may come along. Maybe! Don’t waste any more time. Pick yourself up and seize the day!

      Again, thank you for leaving me a message!


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