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Patricia’s Style of Keynote Speaker

From the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)), Calgary Chapter, Fast Track (Professional Speaker school) manual, are these definitions:

Keynote refers to main speeches at special events (gala dinners), conferences or conventions. They are usually placed at the open or close of an event.

Keynoters speak to the entire audience in the main room. They are expected to set the tone or bring closure to event themes. Typically keynoters answer the “why” of a theme and have elements of entertainment (humour, motivation or inspiration). Often celebrity speakers are chosen for this role. Successful Keynoters understand the difference between a keynote and other forms of presentations, readily hold the attention of large audiences, and bring elements of polish and WOW to the platform.

Key elements to consider when choosing a Keynote Speaker include:

  • having a sound reputation regardless of high end promotional material
  • having positive and benefit oriented referrals
  • able to meet the event’s objectives
  • behaving with professionalism and integrity
  • using appropriate humour
  • promising to do no or minimal “sales pitch” from the platform
  • are a good fit for your audience
  • understanding your audience’s concerns and needs

You want to find the right Keynote Speaker for your event. Patricia is a good fit if your group is ready to become more self-aware, to connect with each other and to take action that will decrease their stress and increase their success and happiness at work and home. The following is intended to help you decide if the content and delivery style of Patricia’s Woe to WOW keynotes (The Rubber Band Principle, Sunny Side Up or Wondrous Women) are a good fit for you and your group.

Patricia’s Keynotes Offer:

√ Inspiration and learning through upbeat stories, examples and humor
√ Minimal, quick and fun audience participation
√ Strategies to strengthen your resilience to adversity, change and set-backs
√ Reasons why resilience is important and how we all have it
√ Acknowledgement of who you are and what you do
√ Three main messages:

1. Do your best and let go the rest
2. You’re stronger than you think
3. Take yourself lightly

To highlight your organization’s needs and vision, Patricia will customize her woe to WOW keynote.  Whether the request is to encourage the audience to “gain ways to deal with workplace stress,” “feel empowered with a can-do attitude” or “feel acknowledged and appreciated,” she delivers easy-to-use strategies in an uplifting, insightful and fun manner.

Meeting planners and audience members describe Patricia and her keynotes best:

“Patricia is a breath of fresh air. Her genuine and customized approach to presenting is truly spectacular. . . We were so pleased with her keynote for our annual conference we asked her to present again four years later and she is more dynamic than ever.”
Sheila McConnell, Addictions Ontario

“Patricia gave us a positive and fun spin on being more resilient at work, including leaving some worry behind.”
Amy Oshanyk, ATB Financial MasterCard

“Patricia Morgan’s humor and genuine compassion for others enables her to connect with her audience.  An excellent speaker and motivator she provides a very practical approach to appreciating the value of self and celebration of differences.”
Karin R. Plamondon, Newalta Corporation

“If you want to be educated, entertained and enjoy a touch of spiritual inspiration, Patricia is your speaker.  She is warm, smart and funny and was a huge hit with our downtown, lunchtime corporate business group. . . I offer my sincere and strong recommendation that you book her – you won’t be disappointed.”
Susan Kandalaft, Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services

“She is a very relaxed, down-to-earth presenter that really personalized her message for her audience. People walked away feeling happy, confident and empowered to face the changes coming their way.”
Carrie Pfab, Washington State Women, Infants and Children Conference

“Patricia is an exciting, warm and energizing speaker who showed us all how to inject humour into the day to day work of caring for marginalized children and young people. Day later, participants are still remarking on her excellent presentation and the new skills they have learnt.”
Peter Melrose, PeakCare Qld Australia

“Your presentation was extremely well received with the majority rating your topic, content and presentation style and delivery as excellent.  There were also several positive comments saying ‘great substitute for Ken Larson’, ‘What a fantastic way to start the day’, ‘loved the humor and Patricia’s techniques for stress management.’ ‘Patricia has a special talent’.”
Rona Fluney, Canadian Association of Professional Coaches

“Patricia brought tears to the eyes of some participants through her honest approach, and she made us all laugh. She has a very comfortable presence that we all enjoyed.”
Heath Miller, Bethany Care Society

“She was inspirational, motivational, knowledgeable and connected very well to her audience…Patricia has the ability to make people believe in themselves. Nurses told us to bring her back for another conference.”
Petra Cooke, Hamilton Health Sciences