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From Woe to WOW: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work

This book is for you if you are dragging yourself to work because you don’t know what to do about your workplace or home challenges. It offers women (and men) inspiration and easy-to-implement solutions. With common language and clear structure it helps you discover, “You’re stronger than you think.”

You will find ways to deal with your own difficulties while reading the 27 real workplace stories of WOW-Empowered women and over 42 resiliency strengthening strategies.

Examples of the 42 strategies include how to make an assertive statement, how to filter criticism, how to ease conflict, how to say an effective no and how to self-promote. If you are facing a challenging situation there will be a strategy for you.

Here is praise for From Woe to WOW:

“The perfect author to write this book: Patricia draws on per personal life experience and expertise in the field of human resiliency. The result is a resiliency program that covers emotional processes, inner complexities and relationship dynamics.”
Al Siebert, PhD, Director of the Resiliency Center and author of The Survivor Personality and The Resiliency Advantage

“Sharp, finely-honed, and brilliantly illuminating, Morgan helps women see their own reflections more clearly by showing them other ways to imagine the largest and smallest choices in their lives. Every page of this book offers wisdom, wit, and practical advice. WOW is right!”
– Regina Barreca, PhD, author of They Used To Call Me Snow White But I Drifted

Dr. Roberta Neault offers this summary:

From Woe to WOW is a wonderful, practical, inspirational tool for women and all those who support them! Right from the Introduction through the comprehensive list of resources at the end, Woe to WOW kept me fully engaged – I read it from cover to cover on a cross-country flight. With stories of real women sprinkled throughout, supported by a seamless integration of factual research and insights from the author’s own rich life experiences, this book provides tips and strategies for turning life’s biggest challenges into opportunities to shine. Patricia doesn’t sugar-coat the stories – in some she definitely shares the ugly side of life but without wallowing in misery. Readers will be inspired by the creative ways that women bounced back from traumatic experiences and will learn how significant others such as employers, friends, and family members can become more supportive during challenging times.

From Woe to WOW is organized into four parts. Part One is a backgrounder on the topic of resilience. Part Two focuses on evaluating resilience using a simple assessment tool that provides readers with immediate feedback; case examples also help readers to reflect on their external supports. Part Three provides comprehensive lists of internal and external woes and then provides rich “wow-empowered stories” to illustrate how real women turned tragic situations around; each story is summarized with bullet-pointed life lessons – “Herstory Take-Aways.” Particularly appealing were “The Rest of Herstory” sections – it was comforting to know that life had continued to be positive and that the “woe to wow” experiences were more than transitory events. Part Four provides a “Reservoir of WOW Strategies” followed by five topical sections each with seven strategies for “WOW Empowerment.”

I’ll be recommending this book to my colleagues, counseling students, and clients, as well as my daughters and sisters-in-law. Patricia has done an amazing job of sharing stories of challenge to inspire women to be the best they can be. Women of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds will find stories that resonate – this is a must-have resource.

Dr. Roberta Neault, award-winning specialist in career/life management, counselor-educator, keynote speaker, and author of Career Strategies for a Lifetime of Success and That Elusive Work-Life Balance.

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